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Welcome to Dr. T's!

Dr. T’s Nature Products® help effectively control nuisance animals, reptiles and insects and stop them from coming back onto your property. All of our products are easy to use, fast acting and long lasting.

We offer several powerful animal repellents for snakes, bats, moles and mosquitoes, as well as a poison bait to kill slugs and snails. This site is designed to provide you with help and advice, as well as a variety of solutions you may need to solve your animal control problems.


Dr. T’s Snake Repellent

As America’s #1 selling snake repellent, this long-lasting formula is the easy way to keep snakes out of your garden and yard. Plus, it’s the only EPA registered snake repellent on the market today proven to effectively repel garter snakes and rattlesnakes. For the best snake repellent on the market, try Dr.T's!


Dr. T’s Mole Repellent

End mole damage, with our patented mole repellent that’s environmentally friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting. Dr. T’s carries highly effective mole repellent in convenient granule or liquid form for fast application.


Dr. T’s Mosquito Repellent

Independently and professionally tested, our mosquito repellents have been proven to repel mosquitoes. Our granules start working in as little as one hour, providing three weeks of protection. In addition, they are natural, safe and completely biodegradable. Protect yourself from these dangerous pests with our effective mosquito repellents.


Dr. T’s Slug & Snail Killer

Try the most powerful slug and snail killer on the market! Safe to use around pets, wildlife and edible crops. Slugs and snails will stop feeding on plants immediately after eating the pellets and die within 3-6 days!



Keep the pests out of your yard once and for all with the best animal repellents from Dr. T’s!

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Snake-A-Way® Available In A 28lb. Bucket

America's #1 Selling Snake Repellent. Dr.T's Snake-A-Way® has been the most trusted name in snake repellent for decades.

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